Georgia Victory

Georgia is born and bred in York, Britain’s chocolate-making capital. She opened Melk in July 2019 in a tiny unit in Spark, a city-central venue and local landmark of independent food kiosks and other retailers. Just a year later, she moved to a bigger unit on-site, before opening a second location in Spring 2021 on Clifford Street.

Before Melk, Georgia kick-started her career by working as a pastry chef at a French fine dining restaurant in Exeter. Two years later, in 2015, she returned to York with her mind set to getting a job at local chocolate factory York Cocoa Works. Persisting, even though there were no job vacancies, Georgia was challenged to go in and work on every chocolatier’s busiest time: Easter weekend. Sure enough, she was offered a position as the Supervisor Chocolatier, before being promoted to Head Chocolatier and Head Chocolate Maker shortly after. During that time, Georgia trained all around Europe and gained invaluable experience and knowledge that has guided her in creating her own business.


Lida Mavridi

Lida came to the UK for university and settled in York in 2016. With a creative background, she enjoyed photography, writing and baking in her spare time, and immediately jumped in on the opportunity to join Melk as a Café Assistant, where she would get to do it all for a living.


With Georgia as her mentor, Lida learned the secrets behind the science of baking, which she now does full time at Melk. When the second location opened, Lida oversaw the interior design and assisted with the creation of the new menu. She also uses her creative mind and eye for design and beautiful aesthetics to assist with photography and manage the business’ social media presence.



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Melk (Norwegian) n. Milk


Melk came from Georgia’s love of Scandinavian simplicity. Both cafés are decorated with cosy cushions and blankets on a white canvas, bringing together the fundamental elements of Scandinavian interior design: minimalism and functionality. A selection of delicious cakes, warm waffles and luxury hot chocolate is served daily. Freshly baked, chewy cookies are always available and are usually filled with Sweden’s staple chocolate bar, Daim.

Melk is comprised of our open kitchen where you can see us bake all day, and a bright and cosy café that fills with warm and sweet smells. You can sit in and get comfy while you enjoy some freshly baked waffles or you can pop in for a takeaway hot chocolate and a cookie for the road. We always cater to vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and caffeine-free diets.

Don’t forget to grab one of our double-sided loyalty cards that reward you with a free hot drink as well as a free ice cream!


We use local Fairtrade suppliers York Emporium for our teas and our own blend of artisan coffee, which you can also buy retail from us. Our ice cream is made by Luxury Ice Cream Company, another local business that provides us with new, custom flavours regularly.

Local smokehouse Staal supplies our Clifford Street café with high quality smoked salmon for our open sandwiches. Our sourdough and sweet pastries are baked at the York favourite Haxby Bakehouse. 

Melk supplies other local cafes and restaurants, such as Fossgate Social, The Larder Club and Howl with freshly-baked goods. We love working with local businesses and creating a real sense of community through our love of quality cakes and bakes. If you would like to learn more about placing wholesale orders with us, head to our wholesale page.

We also offer a range of celebration cakes, from birthdays to weddings. For more information, head to our shop page.


In February 2021, we held a charity raffle involving local small businesses and raised over £1200 for low-income families in York. For more information, head to our Instagram.


In October 2021, we organised a Breast Cancer Awareness event involving the York Uni Boob Team and small independent businesses and raised over £500 for the Coppa Feel charity.


At Melk, we pride ourselves in our efforts to minimise our carbon footprint and do our bit for the environment. Our menu is limited and cakes are baked daily, not only to maximise freshness, but also to minimise wastage. We offer vegetarian and vegan options which have a small carbon footprint and ensure we cater to all customers.

We are also constantly looking at what we use and how we use it, in order to reduce single-use waste and adopt more sustainable methods where we can.

Here are some of the ways we are achieving this:

  • All our disposable packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable

  • We have replaced plastic wrap for reusable beeswax wraps

  • Our coffee comes from local roasters and is ethically sourced

  • We choose local and independent suppliers

  • We reuse our ice cream tubs as food storage boxes

  • We recycle all our glass, plastic, paper and cans

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